Feeding Bibs

Mushy bananas, juicy strawberries... Feeling and tasting new foods is an exciting (and MESSY) stage of discovery for both babies and parents. Feeding bibs are essential in minimizing sticky mealtime messes. However, finding the right bib for your baby is not easy with so many options out there. So, we took a dive into the different features and options available in the market to help you find a baby feeding bib that best fits your family’s lifestyle, and most importantly, your baby’s mealtime adventures.


Cloth Feeding Bibs

PROS: Comfort - Soft, moves with baby Portable - Easy to fold, travel friendly Machine washable Lightweight Waterproof (polyester coating) Full coverage with sleeves options

CONS: Lengthy dry time: need for hang/air dry Limp/collapsing pockets may miss spills and dribbles Not dishwasher friendly

Available neck closure options: Hand-tie, Velcro, Snaps

Cloth feeding bibs are light and portable making them perfect for packing for on-the-go use as well as for everyday feeding times. The soft material moves with the baby, making it a comfortable choice! However, limp pockets may lead to missed spills and messes. Also, note that cloth feeding bibs need to be hung and air-dried after washing.

Silicone Feeding Bibs

PROS: Non-absorbent: Easy to clean with a simple wipe down Dishwasher safe Stiff, open pocket is ideal for catching falling food and liquids

CONS: Difficult to fold Reduced comfort - the material does not move with the baby’s movement No full covering sleeves option Heavy compared to other materials

Neck closure options: Snaps

After use, silicone feeding bibs can simply be wiped down or tossed into the dishwasher. These 2bibs are great at catching spills and dribbles with its stiff and wide pocket. However, the stiffness and weight of silicone feeding bibs may reduce comfort and portability.

Leather Feeding Bibs

PROS: Trendy designs Easy to clean/wipe down Soft and lightweight Many vegan leather options Portable - Easy to fold, travel friendly 🛩️

CONS: Hand-wash only No full covering sleeves option Limp/collapsing pockets may miss spills and dribbles May experience leather odor during initial uses

Available neck closure options: Snaps

For the stylish baby, leather/vegan leather feeding bibs come in trendy designs! Similar to cloth feeding bibs, these bibs are soft and lightweight, making them a great choice for using on the go. However, most leather feeding bibs must be hand-washed, and the soft material leads to limp and collapsing pockets that may not be able to catch messes.

Types of Neck Closures

Tie closures: Tie closures utilize strings that are tied behind the neck. The tightness can be highly customized. However, it can be challenging for squirmy babies who are refusing to put the bib on.

Velcro closures: Velcro closures have a velcro patch that can be easily closed. You will want to be mindful of debris build up in the velcro area, which can hinder its effectiveness. The tightness of the bib is fixed.

Snap closures: Made up of a stud and socket, snap closures make it very easy to fasten and open the feeding bib. There may be limited options for tightness.